E-Tickets Info

Your QR code will be sent in a seperate email prior to the date of the event.

QR Codes must be presented and scanned at Ocean prior to the cut off time displayed on them.

Codes are unique and can only be scanned once.

Duplicate scans will be refused entry.

Ocean queues are generally very busy. We plan our admissions around these times in order to manage our queue efficiently and safely.


Ocean is strictly over 18s only. University ID will be required. Right of admission is reserved.

Persons deemed too drunk will not be admitted, and we have a zero tolerance drugs policy.


I have a couple of friends from home I want to bring to Ocean.....they don't go to Trent or UoN....is that OK?

The answer is 'Yes'...but...

Andy Hoe

King of the Ocean

Please check the F.A.Q's on Andy Hoe's Instagram Story Highlights.... prior to bringing them.

(There's one on friends, tickets, lost stuff etc)

 As long as they're of student age, at other Uni's, and we think they'll fit in with everyone else we generally do let them in. We just like to know how many, and where they're from etc....you can find Andy's Instagram Link below....

Andy 'Who'?

He's the Boss, the Gaffer....The man in charge...owner of the Big O. To cut a long story short he basically started Ocean Friday's 19 years ago....as a DJ/Promoter. And took over the club in 2008.

Some say if you cut him open VK runs through his veins.

‚ÄčAndy has since emigrated to Vancouver Island, Canada with his wife and two kids.

But his love for the Big O is so strong he commutes....Yes you read that correctly. Commutes. Every 2-3 weeks he flies back from Canada to the Big O for an overnight stay, 2 flights and a drive from Heathrow to Nottingham. Averaging 18+ hours each way.

To spend 6 hours playing a questionable selection of pop music to drunk students.

If you have Ocean related questions...please check the F.A.Q's on Andy Hoe's Instagram Story Highlights.

If you have a query that isn't answered, a complaint, suggestions, or just to say you had a great night.....drop him a message on Instagram.

All your messages go direct to him, and he replies....we like to call it the personal touch. No random emails, no management to go through.....your messages go straight to the man in charge....give him a follow while you're there.....

ALL Ocean related promo & ticket info goes up on his Instagram and only there.

Contact Andy....